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Barrier-free beer garden tour Munich

Beer Garden Tour Munich

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We would like to take you on an unforgettable and barrier-free beer garden tour through Munich! Experience Bavarian cosiness, taste the delights of beer from various breweries and the delicacies of Bavarian cuisine.

Our XXl-Taxis and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles ( WAVs) are equipped with a wheelchair ramp or lift and offer space for up to two people in a wheelchair and five other passengers or for up to eight passengers without a wheelchair. The beer gardens and restaurants approached are barrier-free and of course have a barrier-free toilet.

Shortcut barrier-free beer garden tour Munich

Starting point:Your hotel – Munich based
Endpoint:Your hotel – Munich based
Route length:6 – 60 Miles, depending on the number and location of the beer garden
Total Duration:3- 6 hours
Price:on request
contact:Jörg Hildebrandt | +49 173 / 3722480 |
Languages:English, German, Spanish, Russian
Barrier free toilet:available

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Cosiness is the relationship between time, money and beer

Gerhard Polt

We live clocked. Time is the measure of our life. Time cannot be bought. Time is increasingly becoming a criterion for wealth and health.

Beer gardens have existed since the beginning of the 19th century. More precisely, on 4 January 1812 the rescript was published by King Maximilian I. that beer cellars in the Isar district around Munich were allowed to serve beer, but were not allowed to serve food except bread. According to the platform “Biergartenfreunde”, there are more than 2913 beer gardens in Germany, at least that is what is listed there. There is probably no exact number. The fact is, the city with the most beer gardens is and remains Munich. Munich and beer gardens – they remain inseparable.

We would be happy to take you on an unforgettable beer garden tour. Experience Bavarian originality, taste the delights of various breweries and the delicacies of Bavarian cuisine.

How can you book us?

We have set up a 24-hour service hotline for your barrier-free vehicle reservation:
Phone +49 174 / 192 71 06 or via eMail

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