Experience Accessible Bayern

We would be more than happy to show you accessible Bavaria from its most stunning sides. Bavaria is a way of lifeCheerful and relaxed, sometimes primitive coziness is one of the Bavarian virtues, but also cosmopolitanism and tolerance. Live and let live, that is the much-praised “Liberalitas Bavarica“.

More freedom, more participation, more quality of life. Barrier-free access also makes everyday life easier not only for wheel chair users but also for older people or parents with baby carriages. In other words, a life without barriers is a gain for us all.

On our exciting journeys they always discover something extraordinary, a superlative or a world record. It all starts with the fact that Bavaria is the largest state in the Federal Republic of Germany, with some 70,500 square meters. Just a few appetizers: Munich, the capital of Bavaria, hosts the world’s largest public festival, the Oktoberfest, every year. Munich is also home to several of the world’s most important museums, be it the Deutsches Museum, the Pinakotheken, the world’s largest tent roof in the Olympic Park.

Like pearls on a string, unique sights and cultural treasures are lined up along the Romantic Road. Unsurpassed is also the number of breweries and beer varieties. Breathtaking churches and royal castles, several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bavaria is a versatile state that combines partly untouched nature and vibrant life. Art can be found in Bavaria at every turn. More than 100,000 architectural monuments, more than 1350 museums and collections are counted, and in the diverse cultural scene the festival sets special accents. Around 5 million people attend the approximately 14,000 theater performances in the 80 or so theaters and opera houses in Bavaria every year.

Bavaria is not only the most popular vacation destination in Germany, visited by some 30 million people from all over the world every year, but also the preferred vacation and recreation destination of the Bavarians themselves. A rich cultural offering, traditions worth living in, a wide range of leisure activities and an intact natural environment speak for Bavaria as a center of life.

Mia san Mia“! This sentence describes the Bavarian attitude to life and the Bavarian way of life. Jokingly we are also called the “Gauls of the Roman Empire”.

We are looking forward to meeting you!