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SBS Driver Service – The taxi for all situations in life


SBS Driver Service, based in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany, is specialized in the transport of Seniors, children and wheelchair users and has only high-roof taxi buses that can safely transport both electric wheelchair and care wheelchair users.

Due to our experience in dealing with the elderly our Chauffeur Service also offers the transportation of seniors. Our large taxi busses have enough space and all security equipment to carry up to eight children safely at the same time.

Of course, our large-capacity taxis are also available for all other trips in the greater Munich area as well as to the airport. Good manners, friendliness, helpfulness and competence you can expect at any time.

We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It is only important that you inform us in good time, that is, as soon as possible, about your request for transport.

You can reach us anytime at the phone number: 0174-1927106 or via E-Mail: info@sbsfahrdienst.de