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The SBS Fahrdienst Team specializes in transporting senior citizens, schoolchildren and wheelchair users and has exclusively mini-buses with high roofs and wheelchair ramps to provide comfortable and safe transportation.

What we do for you

Mobility is one of the central needs in our society. It defines quality of life and ensures social contacts. Being mobile means creating the basis for independence and autonomy in life. After all, 13% of the German population now has a disability and we are happy to make our contribution to improving your quality of life.

With a motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that put a smile on your face. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative new ways to provide you with the best service possible. Everything we do, we do with passion!

Taxifahrer Dominik Weisser
Dominik Weisser

Managing Director

Marketing specialist. Responsible for marketing and finance in the company. Experienced in transporting and dealing with physically impaired people, seniors and children.

2015 was the start of an extraordinary company. We wanted to provide our service to a special clientele, were interested in their needs. When we had to find staff in the first growth, we wanted to attract only the best and most suitable. Not without pride I would like to note that today we have succeeded in doing so. Good education, confident appearance, high motivation, professional work attitude coupled with high empathy, helpfulness and multilingual communication skills are the pillars of a strong team. Today, we have come a long way, but we are still a long way from reaching our goal. There are still too many ideas and visions in our team…..

Many thanks to our customers and employees. Without you everything would be nothing…..

Taxifahrer Jörg HildebrandtJörg Hildebrandt

Managing Director & Tour guide (German/English).

Contact person for customers and responsible for planning and scheduling of trips.
Experienced in transporting and dealing with physically impaired people, seniors and children.

In 2015 we founded the SBS driving service. However, it should not and was not allowed to become “just another” driving service for people with disabilities. So we sought contact with our future customers in advance. We wanted to find out in personal conversations where the special needs were. We learned that our service should be aimed at all people… not an exclusive driving service for wheelchair users, but rather a service for all situations in life. Today, in addition to people with disabilities, we also chauffeur senior citizens, children and young people, families to the airport, and young soccer players to the FC Bayern campus. We make the state of Bavaria and the city of Munich a barrier-free experience… a tourist offer aimed at all German- and English-speaking visitors to our beautiful city, but also at all Munich residents who want to get to know their home even better…

My thanks go to all our customers and the entire SBS team. A functioning team is our greatest asset!

Frank Lösch

Shareholder & Driver

Contact person for customers and responsible for planning and scheduling trips. Experienced in transporting and dealing with physically impaired people, seniors and children.

It all started in 2015. Very small, three of us with an accessible cab. And today you can actually look, even with a little pride at what has emerged. A colorful circle of employees…each valuable so that the big picture works…each equipped with a good portion of empathy and willingness to serve. But also many hundreds of customers who have taken you to their hearts and whom you are glad to be available to…even beyond the paid level.

It’s nice that you all exist…. both customers and colleagues!

Julia - Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung


Executive Assistant – Provide support to management in all areas.

Medical assistant/educator

Being able to prove myself, to bring in my ideas and the possibility to contribute to an extraordinary company philosophy makes me start the day motivated anew every day. The versatility of my tasks naturally creates the special attraction, but nothing beats the personal contact with you, dear customers!

If you want to say I’m a little crazy to be there for you all so much, I can reassure you: That’s who I am and that’s who I want to be… I’m happy to be able to help.

Thank you dear customers, thank you dear colleagues!

Tourismus Frank MarxFrank Marx

Dipl. Industrial Engineer

Head of SBS-Tourism & Tour guide (German/English)

I would like to make my joy of traveling, my interest in the history of Bavaria, its sights and art treasures accessible. The SBS Fahrdienst offers the perfect infrastructure for this passion. There is a desire for further development there to help people with impairments overcome the hurdles in terms of tourism as well. So much is possible….

After a long career in worldwide marketing and sales, including 15 years in England and the USA, a new, no less appealing task.

I am happy and of course thank all customers and colleagues!

Heiko Stürenburg

Driver / Fleet Management

I have been with the company since 2017 and have since enjoyed the opportunity to work independently and yet be able to build on a strong team and reliable colleagues.

In addition, I am pleased that I can relieve my colleagues in the organizational area through the fleet management entrusted to me. As a customer, you are also welcome to meet me on Sundays and holidays, or even annually on Christmas Eve. Why? Because it is important to me to give something back to you and to be able to offer our services on these days as well.

My thanks to all regular customers and those who want to become one….

Jörg Mayer

Driver / IT support / trainee as a tour guide (German/English).

I have been working in passenger transportation for many years, and have now been with SBS Fahrdienst since 2016. The appeal of this profession lies in the personal contact with our customers. You know each other and look forward to each other…

Thank you dear customers, thank you dear colleagues!

Robin Kovacic

Driver / trainee as a tour guide (German/English).

Although I have only been with the company since 2020, I already feel fully arrived and established. Due to my good English skills, I am currently happily booked for foreign guests and would also like to qualify as a tour guide for the tourist sector. My previous professions were ground controller at Munich Airport and automotive salesman.

Thanks to all the customers I have already become fond of and to my colleagues for the quick integration into the team!

Thanks to all!


Driver / Tour Guide (German/English)

As a political scientist, my great interest lies in the history of Bavaria and therefore also in the tourism sector of SBS. Nevertheless, it is also the everyday trips that have their charm. The life experience of our older passengers and the curiosity of the young ones… The opportunity to remove barriers and create special moments. In all of my career stops so far, I find this to be a particularly fulfilling task….

Dear thanks to our colleagues for always proving ourselves as a team…. and of course a big thank you to our extraordinary clientele!

Maybe see you soon… on a Bavarian castle tour or one of our Munich city tours….

Peter Trischberger 

Driver / Council of Elders / Food Jounalist

Since 2017, I have made my creative energy available to Team SBS. If someone asks why, I say: We Trischbergers are probably a hospitable-helpful family. The daughter practices as a doctor in Ulm, whereas the father, as a former Glockenbach restaurateur, has always remained true to his Munich. All this now comes together again in everyday life.

By the way, if you ever need culinary advice, you’ve come to the right place: My wife Conny writes cookbooks, while I myself review Munich’s gastronomy. You can find the reviews regularly in “IN MÜNCHEN”.

Thanks to all of you for a really enriching task!

Thomas Kunz

Driver (German/English) / Advisor

I have been passionate about my profession since 2018.. Of course, we have to be flexible, also in terms of working hours, and respond to our customers’ needs. However, as a helpful person and former entrepreneur, I am happy to do so for this team and these particularly dear customers.

Dear customers: You often show us so much gratitude. I would like to return this sincerely to you at this point. You make it possible for all of us to do a job that makes you look in the mirror with satisfaction in the evening.

To all colleagues: Top team/Champions League


Driver (German/Greek)

I am still new to SBS since 2020. Nevertheless, I have already experienced where the focus and opportunities lie. It is nice to be able to help our passengers in every situation until they reach their destination. If the time span is too long to make the connection to the next customer on time, a colleague is always ready to step in.

We are a really good team and it’s fun to be part of it all…..

Thanks to all!


Driver / IT -Support (German/English)

I have been employed by SBS since 2020. I enjoy the fact that I can make myself available on a flexible schedule but always in mutual agreement. Most recently, I worked for a VIP limousine service, bringing important personalities safely to their destination. Today our customers are at least as important to me.

The demands are different, now possibly more demanding… however, in the end we are all the same again: we want the perfect, personally tailored service.

I am ready for this with joy and motivation!

Dear thanks to all… colleagues and customers alike!

Oliver Wilhelm

Driver (German/English)

I also joined the SBS team only in 2020. My friend and neighbor Peter Trischberger persuaded me to bring my many years of experience as a Munich cab driver into the service of SBS. Definitely, this was the right decision in the end. Even during the pandemic, you meet loyal customers here, you are needed and you experience an incredible amount of gratitude.

I already appreciate the positive interaction in a pleasant working environment.

It’s great to be part of it! Many thanks to all customers and colleagues!

Manfred Schmeer


Well… it’s only been a few weeks since I joined the team. In the future, my focus will be on the evening transportation of our guests. So if you are a moviegoer, a theatergoer or a night owl, we will meet soon. I look forward to meeting you/you….

Thank you for the positive welcome!

Frank Spielmann

Driver (German/English)

Dear customers!

I have been working for SBS Fahrdienst since 2020, on a part-time basis. You will meet me mainly on weekends and holidays. My main job is working in the office of an administration, so I enjoy the variety and the direct contact with our great customers. As a sideline, I worked in school transportation for 11 years.  So….see you hopefully soon!

Dear thanks to all!

Stephan Leitner


I have now been working part-time at SBS Fahrdienst since 2020. Previously, I worked for many years with a barrier-free bus in school transportation. In addition to the daily contact with our customers, I really appreciate the possibility of part-time employment. This allows me, my second occupation: Own suspenders manufacture, to pursue.

In both occupations I enjoy the intensive customer contact. If you keep your eyes open, you can meet me at various markets, at my suspenders stall.

A pleasure to be part of … and a heartfelt thank you to all!

Barbara Schneeberger

Software development

As the developer of the internal SBS app, I have no direct contact with customers and other passengers, with the exception of my daughter, who is an extremely satisfied SBS customer.

This is also how my collaboration with SBS came about. So after a long family break I am allowed and I am very happy to be able to contribute to the further development of the driving service.

Best regards to the whole team!


Michi Pixner

Office Organization / Office Management

After I was able to present myself and my qualities during a three-month internship in 2020, I have been a permanent part of the SBS team since June 2021. Excited and with great anticipation, I want to support the team in the future, be the contact person for our great customers and make my contribution to the continuous development of our company.

I would like to thank you already now for the warm welcome among my colleagues,

Your Michi Pixner

Values of the SBS Fahrdienst team

SBS Fahrdienst, with all its employees, sees itself as a stable anchor in times of extremely dynamic changes and lives values such as sincerity, honesty, reliability and courage. The goal for us is to help you get equal access to the living environment, transportation, information – in fact, all facilities and services open to the general public.

The wanting – the willingness to perform:

Willingness encompasses the desire to perform, ultimately motivation. SBS chauffeurs are highly motivated from the start to chauffeur you in such a way that you reach your destination with a smile – on time, professionally and highly satisfied.

The permission – framework for action:

The may is a consequence of confidence in the maturity to be able to transfer decision and competence. SBS chauffeurs are carefully selected, have a broad, specialized general knowledge and the necessary age and personality structure.

The capability – ability to perform:

If you want to do something, you have to be able to do it. He needs knowledge, skills and experience. Instead of glossy tourist advertising and the usual sightseeing tours, insights and knowledge about urban or industrial history are imparted away from high-ranking art history or historical monuments. Really exciting stories…

We have set up a 24-hour service hotline for your vehicle reservation:

+49 (0)171 / 6943634 & email