XXL-Taxis and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in Munich


Our team – The SBS Driving Service team is pecializes in transporting senior citizens, schoolchildren and wheelchair users.

With a motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that put a smile on your face. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative new ways to provide you with the best service possible. Everything we do, we do with passion!

Managing directors & shareholder

Jörg Hildebrandt,  Managing Director SBS Driving Service

From Entrepreneur to Host – A Vision for All by Jörg Hildebrandt

Managing Director and Simultaneously a Host – in my role at SBS Fahrdienst München, I not only combine functions but also passions. As a point of contact for our valued customers, I take on the responsibility for comprehensive planning and seamless execution of our rides. My wealth of experience extends beyond transportation to the sensitive handling of physically restricted individuals, seniors, and the youngest among us.

The founding of SBS Fahrdienst München in 2015 was more than just the establishment of another transportation service. It was a call for change. Prior to taking this step, we intentionally engaged in dialogue with our future customers to understand their individual needs. We realized that our offering should not be limited to specific groups – it should be a service accessible to everyone, regardless of their life situation. Our goal was clear: SBS should not only transport people from A to B but provide an experience for all walks of life.

Today, we take pride in accompanying people with diverse requirements. We chauffeur not only people with disabilities but also seniors, children, and adolescents. From the airport to FC Bayern’s soccer camp – our services make the state of Bavaria and the city of Munich accessible to all. With a wide range of tourist offerings in German, English, and Spanish, we cater to visitors from all around the world as well as Munich locals who wish to rediscover their homeland.
A heartfelt thank you is owed to our valued customers and the entire team of SBS Fahrdienst München. Our successes are the result of a perfectly harmonizing team. Ultimately, it is collaboration that shapes us into what we are – a source of mobility and connection that transcends boundaries.

With gratitude for the past and anticipation for the future,
Jörg Hildebrandt
Managing Director and Host

Dominik Weisser,  Managing Director SBS Driving Service

Dominik Weisser – Custodian of Visions, Leader of the Team

Managing Director and Marketing Specialist – Under my responsibility, not only do business management and marketing converge, but also my dedication to the subtle nuances of the trade. My endeavors span from marketing strategies to financial matters. However, my roots in assisting and empathetically engaging with physically challenged individuals, seniors, and children are as strong as they are deep.

In the year 2015, the prologue to a special journey resonated. Our vision was clear: to create a service that transcends the ordinary, tailored individually to the needs of our customers. Right from the beginning, we sought connection with this unique customer base to understand their wishes and concerns. When we were on the lookout for qualified personnel during our initial growth spurt, our goal was evident: to attract the best and most suitable talents to our team. With pride, I can say that we succeeded in this endeavor. Our team distinguishes itself through comprehensive training, confident demeanor, infectious motivation, and a professional work ethic. But the core lies in those qualities that make us genuine human beings: empathy, helpfulness, and the ability to communicate in multiple languages.

The path we have traversed up to today may be vast, but our goal still lies ahead. Ideas and visions abound within our team. We strive to explore ever-new horizons and provide our services in even better ways.

My sincere gratitude goes to our esteemed customers who trust us and our dedicated employees who breathe life into our company daily. Without you, our pursuit would be a mere empty vision. Together, we form the foundation for a future that holds many undiscovered possibilities.

With gratitude and anticipation for what lies ahead,
Dominik Weisser
Managing Director and Visionary


Julia, Assistant to the management, medical assistant

Julia – Bridging Between Visions and Care

In my role as Executive Assistant and concurrently as a Medical Assistant, I discover new reasons every day to prove myself and infuse my creative ideas into the current of work life. This opportunity fills me with an enduring enthusiasm that propels me out of bed each morning with fresh motivation. Yet, more than that, the chance to actively contribute to an exceptional company philosophy fills me with deep contentment.

The versatility of my tasks is undoubtedly a magnet for my curiosity, and the wealth of challenges consistently provides a special allure. However, it’s the direct contact with our esteemed customers that truly shines for me. Meeting you, supporting you, and fulfilling your needs is the real driving force behind my passion. Some might find it crazy to be so devoted to being there for each individual. But let me assure you – this is my identity, and I find profound joy in being able to help.

A sincere thank you goes out to you, dear customers, for your trust and collaboration. Your stories, your needs, and your progress are my daily inspiration. And lastly, I would like to express my appreciation to my esteemed colleagues – your support and collaboration are irreplaceable.

Apart from my role as Executive Assistant and Medical Assistant, I would like to proudly highlight that my professional journey has also led me to become a trained Medical Office Assistant and Educator. These diverse experiences have deepened my skills and nurtured my desire to bridge the gap between professional care and human support.

With gratitude,

Robin Kovacic, fleet management

From the Street to Management: A Journey of Versatility – Robin Kovacic

Since my entry into the company in 2020, my professional path has continuously evolved and solidified. Originally starting as a driver in the fleet management of SBS Fahrdienst Munich, today I proudly hold the title of Assistant to the Management.

The streets have always been my home, and as a driver, I’ve not only covered kilometers but also built relationships. My solid English skills provided me with the opportunity to serve as a bridge between guests from around the world and our company. The chance to assist foreign guests has not only honed my communication abilities but also expanded my understanding of cultural diversity. This was the catalyst for me to pursue training as a tour guide in the tourism sector – an investment in my passion for connecting cultures and people.

My professional background is as diverse as my responsibilities. From my time as a ground controller at Munich Airport to my role as an automotive salesman – each experience has broadened my skills and perspectives. However, it’s the journey within the SBS fleet that has ultimately landed me in the position I find myself in today.

A big thanks goes to the customers who have already found a place in my heart and my esteemed colleagues who seamlessly integrated me into the team. Your support and collaboration have aided me in finding my way in my new role as Assistant to the Management.

The journey may have commenced in 2020, but it’s far from concluded. I look forward to learning and growing with each passing day, and giving my best for our company.

With gratitude and anticipation,
Robin Kovacic

Philipp Drabinski - Accessible Tour Guide in Munich

Philipp Drabinski – From Accessible Tour Guide to Assistant of Management: A Journey of Encounters

A warm welcome to SBS Fahrdienst München! As a former political scientist with a deep interest in the history of Bavaria, I find great joy in being able to offer our valued customers in the field of tourism truly special experiences. Yet, our work encompasses much more than just historical tours – it extends into the moments of everyday driving.

In our endeavors, we have the unique privilege of overcoming barriers and creating extraordinary moments. Personally, it deeply fulfills me to share the rich life stories of our older passengers and ignite the flame of curiosity in the younger generations. Each and every fellow traveler enriches our work and contributes to our team’s ability to fulfill our mission.
A sincere thank you is owed to our dedicated colleagues who time and time again prove that, as a team, we can overcome challenges together. And of course, we would also like to express gratitude to our exceptional clientele! Your openness, trust, and enthusiasm are what drive us and enable us to give our best day after day.

The journey I embarked upon at SBS Fahrdienst München has now led me to the role of Assistant of Management. Yet, even in this new role, my heart remains with the encounters and experiences of our customers. It is my conviction that each meeting is a chance for inspiration and each kilometer is an opportunity for connection.

Allow yourself to be invited to join us on a Bavarian castle tour or one of our Munich city tours. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Bavaria, enjoy the beauty of our city, and experience unforgettable moments in barrier-free comfort.

Step into this unique journey – we cordially invite you. Book your next ride with SBS Fahrdienst München today. Together, we look forward to welcoming you!

With anticipation and gratitude,

Michael Pixner – Your mobility, our misson

Since 2021 I have been delighted to serve as an expert in mobility assistance at SBS Fahrdienst, and I am at your disposal with my specialized knowledge.

As a transportation service for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and students, we have honed our expertise in aiding those with mobility constraints, enabling them to actively participate in their daily lives.

In addition to my professional role, I am committed to volunteering as a first aid provider during major events for the Malteser Hilfsdienst. My responsibility there involves ensuring event safety and smooth operations, along with promptly providing medical first aid in emergencies.

An active lifestyle and engagement in sports are also close to my heart. During my leisure time, I seek balance and ensure that I am consistently fit and energized to efficiently fulfill my duties.

Being a part of the SBS Fahrdienst team fills me with pride, as together, we advocate for the mobility needs of our clients and provide them with the utmost support. Leveraging my knowledge, experience, and unwavering dedication, I aim to ensure that you experience top-tier service with us.

If you have any inquiries regarding mobility assistance in the Oberbayern district or would like further insights into our services, please do not hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact me, as I am more than ready to provide tailored solutions for your individual needs.

Best regards,

Michi Pixner

Caroline Bauer, Office-Management

Caroline Bauer – An Integral Part of Office Management

Since June 2023, I’ve been a proud member of the SBS Fahrdienst team, adding value as a vital component to our company. Alongside Michi, I am responsible for bolstering the office management functions. It brings me immense joy to familiarize myself with the intricate workings of our company and offer my unwavering support to the best of my abilities.

Beyond my professional commitment, I am also characterized by my sociable nature. During my leisure time, I relish meeting up with friends and relishing their company. Meeting new people and cultivating a positive atmosphere are aspects that I hold dear.

Being a part of this team is a source of immense pride, and I hold in high regard both my optimistic outlook and my aptitude for swiftly adapting to new tasks. As a member of the office management division, I play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations and thus am an indispensable element of SBS Fahrdienst.

With gratitude for the opportunity to be part of this team,
Caroline Bauer

Mark Winter, Project Manager App-Development

Mark Winter, Project Manager App-Development M.A. International Business (German/English)

I have been employed by SBS since 2020., mainly responsible for the business administration processes within the company but also always happy to carry our customers. Most recently, I worked for a VIP limousine service, bringing important personalities safely to their destination. Today our customers are at least as important to me.

The demands are different, now possibly more demanding… however we want the perfect, personally tailored service.

Ready for this with joy and motivation!

Barbara Schneeberger, Software development

Barbara Schneeberger, Software development

As the developer of the SBS driver app, I have no direct contact with customers and other passengers, with the exception of my daughter, who is an extremely satisfied SBS customer.

Moreover this is also how my collaboration with SBS came about. So after a long family break I’m very happy to be able to contribute to the further development of the driving service.

Best regards to the whole team!

Driver & chauffeurs

Marianna, Driver

Marianna – Your Driver for Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Dear guests, valued customers, and dear colleagues,

I am honored and filled with joy to have been a proud member of the remarkable SBS Transport Services team since 2022. Alongside my colleagues Julia and Caroline, we form an unbeatable women-power trio, dedicated to keeping our esteemed gentlemen, whether young or young at heart, on the move in the best of company.

I am driven by a passion and a pronounced positive attitude to take the wheel and be there for you. As your driver, I stand ready with flexibility and open ears to accommodate your needs and wishes. My profession deeply fulfills me, and my genuine love for my customers is my driving force. Your satisfaction is not just a goal but my commitment. I strive to provide you with the best possible service.

Whether it’s day, night, or even on the weekends, I am at your service at all times. Flexibility is second nature to me because your needs are at the heart of my work. Rest assured, I will transform your journey into an unforgettable experience with my Hungarian temperament.

I look forward to turning your ride into an unforgettable adventure.

With heartfelt enthusiasm and dedication,
Marianna, your driver for unforgettable travel experiences

Driver & Chauffeur Adriatik

Adriatik, Driver

My name is Adriatik, and since the summer of 2022, I’ve had the pleasure of working as a part-time driver for the SBS transport service on weekends. It brings me joy to be part of this team and to contribute my efforts.

I’ve always enjoyed being on the road, whether it’s with heavy trucks or large buses. Driving itself feels like a form of relaxation to me, and interacting with people with mobility restrictions is a special experience. From heavy transporters to wheelchairs, I appreciate the diversity and the opportunity to assist others.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and anything related to cars and trucks. This passion accompanies me not only in my profession but also in my personal time.

I’m thrilled to continue being a part and a cog in this team. It’s an honor for me to work here and collaborate with my colleagues to ensure a smooth journey.

Yours sincerely, Adriatik

Driver & Chauffeur Armin

Armin, Driver

My name is Armin, and since the middle of last year, I have been proud to be a part of the SBS transport service. As a retiree, I have chosen to invest my time and energy in serving others.

Before joining SBS, I spent a year accompanying a close friend through illness, treatments, and examinations. This time not only shaped my life but also strengthened my desire to help others.

When I came across the advertisement for drivers at SBS, I immediately felt a connection. The deep conversations with the management team confirmed to me that this was the right place for me. SBS seemed not only well-managed but also like a company that genuinely cares about people.

I obtained my passenger transportation license and then began working as a day driver for SBS. It fills me with great joy and satisfaction to support people with disabilities and to help them wherever I can.

With each day I spend at SBS, my conviction grows that I am exactly where I belong. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this team and look forward to continuing to contribute to helping others.

Driver & Chauffeur Bernd

Bernd, Driver

With over 40 years of experience in customer service, sales, security, and as a driver, I recently joined the SBS transport service team.

Driving runs in my blood, and transporting people with physical limitations, seniors, and children makes this job simply perfect for me. I look forward to each day with anticipation, meeting both familiar and new faces, always treating them with the utmost respect.

Munich is not only my hometown but also the heart of my work. It is my sincere wish that all my passengers feel a little piece of home on board.

With warm regards, Your Bernd

Driver & Chauffeur Elias

Elias, Driver
Hi everyone!

I’m Elias, and I’ve recently been working with great joy as a day driver at SBS Transport in Munich. I was born and raised in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg with Afghan roots.

My life motto is: “Be grateful for what you have at the end of each day.” At 33, I’ve already gained a lot of experience in the working world. Through this, I’ve discovered that helping others in their daily lives, no matter what challenges they face, is particularly fulfilling for me. I have a special place in my heart for people with mental or physical limitations and challenges.

Since joining SBS, I look forward to the varied work every day. It fills me with pride to feel at the end of the day that I’ve done something good and lasting. I’m grateful that SBS has provided me with this opportunity, and I’m also very happy to continue being part of this amazing team.

Yours, Elias

Frank, Driver

Frank, Driver

Dear customers!

I have been working for SBS Fahrdienst since 2020, on a part-time basis.

You’ll mainly find me on weekends and holidays, as well as during day trips to Lake Tegernsee.

My main job is working in the office of an administration, so I enjoy the variety and the direct contact with our great customers.

As a sideline, I worked in school transportation for 11 years. 

Frank Lösch, shareholder, Driver

Frank, Driver

Experienced in transporting and dealing with physically impaired people, seniors and children.

It all started in 2015. Very small, three of us with an accessible cab. And today you can actually look, even with a little pride at what has emerged. A colorful circle of employees…each valuable so that the big picture works…each equipped with a good portion of empathy and willingness to serve.

It’s nice that you all exist…. both customers and colleagues!

Heiko Stürenburg, Driver

Heiko, Driver

I have been with the company since 2017 and have since enjoyed the opportunity to work independently and yet be able to build on a strong team and reliable colleagues.

And I am pleased that I can relieve my colleagues in the organizational area through the fleet management entrusted to me. As a customer, you will meet me on Sundays and holidays, or even annually on Christmas Eve. Why? Because it is important to me to give something back to you and to be able to offer our services on these days as well.


Jörg Mayer, Driver / IT Support

Jörg  Driver / trainee as a tour guide

I have been working in passenger transportation for many years, and have now been with SBS Fahrdienst since 2016.

The appeal of this profession lies in the personal contact with our customers.

You know each other and look forward to each other…

See you!

Yours, Jörg

Jose, Driver and tour guide

Jose, Driver and tour guide

Since joining the SBS Transport service in 2016, I have always believed it to be an ideal service and an important aid for all individuals with mobility limitations. Supporting them and helping them is my top priority.

I am passionately committed to transforming every journey into a safe and responsible “voyage,” whether it’s during the daytime rush hour or late at night. For me, being part of the journey and providing the best possible service is a true joy.

Outside of work, I have a passion for dancing, photography, extensive museum visits, and traveling. These interests enrich my life and bring me deep joy.

Yours sincerely, Jose

Martin, Driver

Martin, Driver

I am Martin, and I work as a driver at SBS company. Hailing from Peru, it brings me immense pleasure to stand by your side as a driver and helper.

In the past, I worked in event organization and restaurants. However, now I have discovered my true passion as a driver. It’s exhilarating to meet you during our journeys and provide you with an exceptional experience. From Monday to Friday, I am here for you during the day shift. You can always rely on me; I am more than happy to assist. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to me.

As a driver with great empathy, I stand by your side and listen to you. If you need anything or have any questions during the ride, I am always here for you. I love my profession, and I look forward to accompanying you as a driver and helper. Your safety and satisfaction are my top priorities. I am excited to get to know you and embark on thrilling rides together. Let’s experience a fantastic and secure journey as one.


Michael, Driver and Tour-Guide

Hey there, folks!

I’m Michael, your taxi driver and the wheelie good companion for wheelchair travelers. But hold on, I’m not your average cabbie – I’m a night owl, a snappy snapper, and I’m thrilled to take you around my beloved city, Munich!

As a true-blue Munich native, I know every nook and cranny of this stunning city. I take great pride in showing wheelchair users the best sights and hidden gems Munich has to offer. With my wheelchair rickshaw, sightseeing becomes an unforgettable adventure!

But that’s not all, my friends. I’m also a photography enthusiast, going on snap-happy escapades all over the globe. From Scandinavia to Slovenia and many other countries, I’ve captured breathtaking shots that even made it into National Geographic.

When I’m not behind the taxi wheel, you can find me cheering on my beloved Löwen (Lions) at their games. Football is my passion, and I’m all heart when it comes to rooting for the Löwen.

With my charming Bavarian accent and an open mind, I’ve got a curious mind for all things in this world. Whether it’s culture, history, nature, or the latest happenings, I’m always keen to learn more and have a good chat with you lot.

So, whether you need a ride for sightseeing, a photo pit stop, or just some delightful banter on the way – I’m your man!

Get ready for an unforgettable ride with yours truly, your taxi driver, Michi!

Driver Musti

Musti, Driver

Hello, my name is Musti, and I am a native of Munich with Turkish roots. I discovered my passion for hospitality at an early age and perfected my craft as a trained hotel and restaurant professional. However, my heart beats primarily for the fascinating world of beer culture, where I have made a name for myself as a specialist.

Beyond my professional expertise, I love delving into history. Traveling, visiting museums, and going on excursions are my passions, and it’s simply fascinating to bring past eras to life and tell stories from history.

After over 30 years in the hospitality industry, I have decided to do something for the soul as well. My heart lies in helping older and disabled people. This work opens up a completely different quality and perspective on life for me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to give back.

It fills me with joy and pride to incorporate my experiences and passions into my work. I am convinced that my expertise in beer culture, my curiosity for history, and my commitment to society make me a valuable part of the team.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community.

Warm regards, Musti

Driver Nam

Nam, Driver

My name is Nam, and I originally come from Vietnam. Since autumn 2023, I have been proud to be part of the team at SBS company. I highly value the opportunity to be on the road with different guests and customers.

To me, life is a precious gift that deserves our full attention. As a pastor, it is my calling and passion to engage with people and serve them. Every encounter is a chance for gratitude and a reminder to embrace and enjoy every moment of life.

I look forward to being at your service during weekdays from Monday to Friday and ensuring your safe arrival at your destination. I will do my best to make your day pleasant.

I am grateful for the excellent teamwork at SBS Transport and feel proud to be part of it. My language skills include Vietnamese, German, and some English.

Yours sincerely, Nam

Oliver Wilhelm, Driver

Oliver, Driver

Hello there!

I’m Oliver, and I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce myself as your friendly neighborhood taxi driver. With passion and dedication, I’m at your service, ready to chauffeur you to your desired destination with safety and comfort.

Now, let’s talk about something that really gets my blood pumping – football! Being an enthusiastic fan, I love following games, discussing the latest on-field events, and getting all hyped up about those jaw-dropping goals and thrilling matches. If you’re also a football fanatic, feel free to join me in some footie chatter during our ride!

But hey, football isn’t the only thing that fascinates me; I’m also a history buff. I find myself drawn to past events, historical figures, and their influence on our present world. I’d be delighted to share my knowledge and hear your stories and impressions too. It’s always exciting to hear different perspectives and learn from each other.

As your trusty taxi driver, my goal is not just to provide a pleasant and secure ride but also to lend a listening ear to your interests and concerns. Whether you want to chat about football, history, beer, or anything else under the sun, I’m all ears and ready to engage in conversation to ensure you have a delightful journey.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and accompanying you to your desired destination. If you want to book my services, you can reach me at the following phone number: [Your phone number].

See you soon! Yours truly, Oli

Peter Trischberger, Driver

Peter, Driver / Retired Food Journalist

Originally intended as a final gig before easing into retirement in 2017, here I am, having genuinely renewed my chauffeur’s license this year. Now, the unexplored fishing spots, the thirsty grumbling pub regulars, the still-legendary unwritten biography, and even the fidgety granddaughters will just have to wait a bit longer: because the SBS calls Grandpa to the cheerful early shift every weekday!

If only it were just the lovable and mostly grateful customers (and in times of trouble, the always helpful colleagues and the relentlessly dedicated dispatcher) and not the everyday Munich traffic madness – then one might consider aiming for a lifetime civil service appointment! But I’ve never been a straight-A student, and there’s still a bit of gas left in the tank…

With grateful regards to customers and colleagues, Peter Trischberger.

Thomas Kunz, Driver

Thomas, Driver

I have been passionate about my profession since 2018. We are flexible and respond to our customers’ needs. However, as a helpful person and former entrepreneur, I’m happy to do so for this team and these particularly dear customers.

Dear customers: You often show us so much gratitude. I would like to return this sincerely to you at this point. You make it possible for all of us to do a job that makes you look in the mirror with satisfaction in the evening.

Finally to all colleagues: Top team/Champions League

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How can you book us?

We have set up a service hotline for your accessible vehicle reservation:
Phone +49 174 / 192 71 06 or via eMail info@sbsfahrdienst.de