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Contactless passenger transport in Munich – SBS Driving Service is a taxi company which is specialized in transporting seniors, children and (electric) wheelchair users. For employee shuttles and patient trips (e.g. dialysis trips, chemotherapy, rehabilitation or radiation therapy) we provide contactless passenger transfers with compartment partitioner between driver’s cockpit. This is not just a cutting disc, but a complete shield. This prevents direct contact between driver and passenger in order to minimize infections via droplets or aerosols (“floating particles”) in the air. In addition, our vehicles are equipped with a wheelchair ramp or lift and can also transport a wheelchair user.

We have set up a hotline for your contactless vehicle reservation: Phone +49 174 / 192 71 06 or via eMail

It is particularly important to keep as much distance as possible, especially if you suffer from an immune deficiency due to a disease, heart disease, are undergoing cancer therapy and still have to attend your doctor’s appointments for chemotherapy, radiotherapy or dialysis treatment. If it is a medical trip prescribed by your doctor, you can submit the costs to your health insurance company. We also offer wheelchairs for hire. In addition, all of our vehicles have a wheelchair ramp or lift. With appropriate belt systems, wheelchair users can be transported sitting in the wheelchair!

Please note: we do not bill health insurance companies directly and we do not accept transport notes from doctors or hospital!

Our offer is contact-free, as sterile and virus-free as possible transport, which is why we also prefer cashless payment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s transporting a sick person, visiting a doctor or hospital, or taking a private taxi ride. We want to respect your protection, your safety and your health to the highest degree. If you need a Worldwide Medical Repatriation you can contact directly MediAmbulance.

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We have set up a service hotline for your contactless vehicle reservation:
Phone +49 174 / 192 71 06 or via eMail