Ensuring Road Safety: Our Commitment at SBS Fahrdienst München

Safety first: practical seminar on accident prevention

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In a world where mobility is key, road safety is of utmost importance. As an inclusive transport service in Munich, SBS Fahrdienst is dedicated to ensuring that our customers reach their destinations safely and efficiently every day. We prioritize equipping our drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.

To this end, we recently held our annual practical seminar, focusing intensively on accident prevention. This event provided a valuable opportunity for our staff to engage with various aspects of road safety. A wide range of topics was covered to ensure each participant developed a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved and the appropriate measures to prevent accidents.

One of the central discussions revolved around driver training and the significance of the car as a service vehicle and workspace. It was emphasized that the vehicle is not just a mode of transport but also a workplace that must meet specific safety standards. Topics such as defensive driving, the impact of speed on braking distances, and the importance of appropriate footwear, particularly in adverse weather conditions, were thoroughly discussed.

Moreover, potential hazards were meticulously addressed, from physical fitness and fatigue to the dangers of medication while driving. Distractions like phone calls, loud music, or using navigation systems were also highlighted to ensure our drivers remain fully focused and attentive at the wheel.

Our drivers learned about the relationship between stopping distance, reaction time, and braking distance and were reminded of the importance of defensive driving. The seminar also covered the dangers of poor visibility due to snow and ice and the importance of considering customer preferences during the ride.

Another major focus was on load security and the proper securing of passengers, especially wheelchair users. Practical exercises were conducted to ensure that each employee has the necessary skills to securely fasten passengers and properly store items to prevent accidents caused by loose cargo.

Special attention was given to the safety of wheelchair users. Participants refreshed their knowledge on properly securing wheelchair users in the vehicle, using both retractors and lap and shoulder belts. The operation of the hydraulic lift for wheelchair users was also explained and practiced in detail.

Another crucial aspect was the departure check for our barrier-free company vehicles and the 5-minute pre-drive check, where participants learned how to independently inspect their vehicles for potential defects.

The event concluded with practical exercises, allowing participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge directly. From vehicle inspections before departure to independently changing the low beam bulb and safely reversing on company premises, various scenarios were practiced to ensure that our staff can act safely and responsibly.

Overall, the practical seminar was an important step in raising awareness about the importance of accident prevention and ensuring that all our employees possess the necessary skills and knowledge to participate safely in road traffic. At SBS Fahrdienst, the safety of all road users is our top priority – always and everywhere!

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