Wheelchair access to Lake Starnberg

Pack your swimsuit – wheelchair-accessible access to Lake Starnberg

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Finally, the moment has arrived! Thanks to the glorious weather and pleasant water temperatures!

The Starnberg Lake, a jewel of Bavarian nature, not only attracts sunbathers and water enthusiasts but also, thanks to a wheelchair-accessible bathing ramp, now offers people with mobility impairments the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing waters.

Our colleague Michi Pixner (responsible for advising on mobility assistance) and our driver Michi Lechner set out to test this wheelchair-accessible facility. Located in the Ambach recreation area on the eastern shore of the lake, the access to the bathing ramp is about 350 meters from the paid parking area. After a short walk through the picturesque surroundings, the two reached the desired spot. However, they found the access from the pedestrian and bike path to be somewhat bumpy, which dampened their enthusiasm a bit.

Nevertheless, it’s worth acknowledging that such an installation for wheelchair users is commendable and worthy of emulation. However, they found that the concrete slabs were very slippery due to algae growth. Fortunately, double-row handrails facilitated entry, but even with boating shoes and both hands on the wheelchair, it remained a challenge.

Another aspect to consider is that the section of the ramp becomes deeper from the middle onwards, which could result in seat cushions and other padding becoming damp. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using electric wheelchairs and instead opt for a shower wheelchair.

Exiting after a refreshing swim also proved somewhat precarious for the wheelchair user, as the slippery surface allowed only one arm for support or both arms, albeit with some risk.

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