Accessible Driving Tour to Dachau Memorial Site near Munich


Dachau Memorial Site – Private Accessible Driving Tour – A few weeks after Adolf Hitler became German Chancellor in 1933 a concentration camp for political prisoners was built up near Munich in the small town of Dachau. It began as a camp for political prisoners like social democrats, communists and other Nazi political opponents. 20 years after the end of WW2 the former concentration camp has been turned into a memorial site. It opened to the public in 1965 and welcomes around 800,000 visitors each year.

Visit the Dachau Memorial Site (about 10 miles northwest of Munich, Germany) on a half-day tour starting in Munich. The tour is a combination of a driving tour to Dachau and a walking tour on site. You can see the preserved original buildings of the former Dachau concentration camp and a trained guide will tell you about the history of National Socialism and the rise of the Nazi party in Germany. You will have an opportunity to see the crematorium and a documentary about everyday life in the camp.

Accessibility Dachau Memorial Site ♿♿

The entrances to the Former maintenance building (main exhibition), to the reconstructed barrack, to the former crematorium and camp prison are equipped with ramps to provide access by wheelchair.

The outdoor grounds of Dachau Memorial Site are not easy to access by wheelchair because they are are unpaved and the stone pathways are graveled. Wheelchairs will begin to sink into the stones! The route on the terrain is approximately 500 meters long (one-way)! We recommend another strong and persistant person to push the wheelchair. Of course you can book our drivers for this.

You will find accessible toilets next to the parking lot, in the Visitors’ Center and in the main exhibition (former maintenance building). If these bathrooms are locked, you have to ask the staff for a key. If you travel with our company, of course your driver will have the so called EURO-Key.

Please note that most of the tour takes place outdoors. Please wear weather-appropriate clothing. No food or drink may be purchased on the memorial site.

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The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial can be adapted to your individual needs. Can be combined with a city tour with a focus on “National Socialism in Munich“, a trip to the Eagle’s Nest / Documentation Obersalzberg or to the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg.

Photo Dachau Memorial Site (c) Philipp Drabinski

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